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(Archived) Changing date

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I'm using Evernote to keep data by date.  Not the date I enter a note but the date an event occured.

I have found in HELP I can change a date "by clicking the value you'd like to modify."  Nowhere in that Help segment am I told how to change a value.

How do I change a Note value (date) in Evernote?

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OK - not a W8 user,  so this is probably a dumb suggestion,  but doesn't clicking a number give you the option to type over it or select from a calendar?


Incidentally you could also title your notes with yyyymmdd and sort them by title which would do the same job..

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Thanks for the reply. 

You are correct.  In some instances I do get a typeover option in W8.  In Evernote?  Not that I can find.  But, since i'm not an EN expert, let me see if I'm missing something.

In Evernote I use the 3-pane option.  Pane on the left shows all Notebooks.  Center pane lists individual notes.  Right pane shows the contents of the highlighted note.

Highlighting the creation date of any note (center pane) fails.

As using the date as a title, that may work but I'll do it only as a last resort - unless I can find an app that DOES allow me to pick a date of my choosing.

And, remember, EN HELP specifically says I can change the date.  All I want to know is how?  Any further help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Is there a teeny blue arrow in the top right corner of the note window?  If it's not pointing up - "^" trying clicking it tapping it a couple of times.  You may be missing a menu bar...

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Try pressing F8 to toggle the Note views. There are three views. You should be able to click on the date and change. I use this feature from time to time.

Also if you change view to List view you can click on column heading to sort by date and then go back to snippet view (my favorite) keeps sorted by date. (Once you have them edited)

Hope this helps.

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