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(Archived) "Saved Searches" placed in a note in Evernote

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  I would like to have a lot of saved searches and having them all appear in the search box

menu is not optimal. It would be great if evernote could allow Saved Searches to be added

to a note. You can already link to a note from a note. 

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At the moment there's an arbitrary limit of 100 saved searches,  and some pressure from users for that to be upgraded.  Personally I'd hope that saved searches (and tags..) gets a second look and an upgrade so there's more ways to label and view searches (and tags..) to make a higher number easier to manage and use.


Meantime you have the option of saving your search in a note and copy/ pasting it into the search bar,  and there's no effective limit on the number of search strings in your note.  If you manage to exceed the largest note size purely on saved searches I'd be moderately surprised.


Or you could look at BitQwik (search the forum) which helps you manage searches too..


But definitely +1 here for further upgrades to the system.

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