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  1. I have lots of notes. They have two tables. One table is ok. The other is a table of a table of a table of a table of nothing. How can I get rid of these nested tables which contains nothing in an efficient way? I am using the Mac Evernote applications. Mark
  2. I would like to be able to search for notes which have exactly 2 tags and those tags are A and B, for instance. It would not match notes which have tags A, B and C, for instance. Mark
  3. The link shown below is an article. It has lots of "related links" stuff in the margins. The simplified article choice leaves out too much though. Could you guys fix this? http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/268327/draw-a-progress-circle-around-text?newsletter=1&nlcode=93692%7c68af Mark Stankus
  4. +1 on collapsable lists Also an "outline" mode would be nice. It would just change the keyboard shortcuts within a small part of a document (so that tab indents lists in the way you expect)
  5. My default clipping type for web clipper is "simplified article". When a person uses this, the workflow is a little awkward. Here is the workflow. 1) Press web clipper icon. 2) Find small arrow tab on the right side of the screen. 3) click on the tab. 4) Inspect the notebook and tags 5) Click on save. I propose that instead, the notebook name could be indicated in the view between steps 1 and 2 above and that a "Save" tab also be present to allow saving without having to click the arrow tab near the top of the screen and then move to the bottom of the screen.
  6. I use some notebooks for things which I am done with processing. One of them is called "REFERENCE". Sometimes web clipper wants to put my new content into the "REFERENCE" notebook. I would like to be able to instruct web clipper to always put my "clip" in a specific notebook (like "INBOX") and would like the ability to instruct web clipper to never put my "clip" into certain mailboxes (like "REFERENCE"). Mark
  7. I would like Evernote to create a web clipper which is super fast. It confirms that the message has been clipped, but nothing else: The message goes to the default (or inbox) notebook, there are no tags, no related searches and the title is determined by Evernote in the same way it works now.
  8. I would like to have a lot of saved searches and having them all appear in the search box menu is not optimal. It would be great if evernote could allow Saved Searches to be added to a note. You can already link to a note from a note.
  9. I chatted with an evernote rep and there does not seem to be a way to modify the font (say changing it to 18pt) for 1) the titles of the note within the list of messages Here is an image of this: 2) the title of the note as part of the note 3) the line which contains the name of the notebook and the tags for the note. Here is an image of this: You can modify the font of the text of the note, though. I think that this should be added to evernote.
  10. I have a notebook called PEOPLE which has 26 notes - one for each letter of the alphabet. I would like THIS notebook to be sorted by Title, independently of how my other notebooks are sorted. Does evernote have this feature? Should it have this feature?
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