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(Archived) Saved voicemail plays on Windows client, but not iPhone client


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Good morning,


After searching the forum and finding this mentioned (but apparently not resolved) around 3 years ago, I am asking for help.


The aforementioned link is http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/11945-ipad-wont-play-voice-notes-created-on-android-phone/page__p__56869__hl__amr__fromsearch__1#entry56869 and may be the answer, but I am not sure?


After extracting voicemails from the iPhone to my windows desktop, I copied the resulting .amr files into Evernote, one attachment per note.


The attachments play perfectly in the Windows client.


So after syncing the iPhone client, it was surprising to learn that the voicemail attachments will not play on the iPhone, more specifically, they do not play in the Evernote iOS client.


Interestingly, if I share the note by email, then access the note via that url on the iPhone, the message plays just fine.


Any ideas as to why this is happening and/or how to resolve?


Thank you.

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Seems most likely to be an OS issue - try opening a Windows file on a Mac computer.  Unless you have local appware that can process the file,  inaction ensues. 


If you determine what file types play on all your hardware and convert your voice notes to that,  you can still embed the files and they will play anywhere.

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