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Editing an Existing file attachment



Is it possible with the new Skitch 2.5 to edit an image or PDF that is already in Evernote? For example, if I find a note that has a PDF in it, and then go to Open In > Skitch, I should be able to make changes and hit "Save" and have those changes appear in the file in Evernote right away. This currently works when cropping an image with Preview or editing a PDF with Acrobat, but not Skitch - Skitch wants me to drag the file back into Evernote and it saves another copy of it in the "Skitch" notebook. Argh!

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Currently this is not possible. By design, Skitch does not touch your original PDF in order to preserve the document. We make a new copy and allow you to annotate that. We wanted to ensure that Skitch was not destructive to the original document in your Evernote account.


Your feedback is important to us, as we look to improve how Evernote and Skitch interact with a PDF. 

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I would second joomux's thoughts. It will be nice to have skitch editing the pdf file "in place", rather than add a copy. You may just backup the original pdf by making another copy in the same note. I wouldn't mind that.

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