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Can Skitch annotate powerpoint docs? is there an alternative?


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I am wishing and hoping and pleading - skitch and powerpoint would be the perfect combo for class notes (for the majority of my classes, where teachers give out powerpoints ahead of time). 


Is there something else for ipad that'll let me type and draw on a powerpoint? and hopefully sync it to evernote or some other kind of cloud storage?



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This feature would be a compelling reason for me to go premium. As a business user, the most common material that I take notes on is Powerpoint. I would then have all my notes in one set of tools.

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@Tyson - One workaround you could do is convert the PPT to a PDF and then open it up in an iOS or Mac device. Skitch can markup PDFs on those platforms, and we're working to bring that functionality to other Skitch platforms. 

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I too am interested in the ability to annotate on powerpoint. I know that workarounds are mentioned here but that does not assist in annotating during live presentations. Skitch seems to be much smoother and more efficient than the built in Microsoft ink. I have paid for products such as Smartboard and am finding that in higher education, their annotating is limited and rather clunky. Skitch is smooth and flawless! I have been very impressed with it! 

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