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  1. I really hope we can get reminders within a note - as in, The main note would be my school assignment - research paper. I'd make my outline there, and then all of the sub-tasks (docs to overview, make an outline, rough draft, etc...) would have their own reminders for when I wanted to complete them. I love putting the check-box into notes, but the next step would be to tie that check-box to a reminder! So when I finished putting together an outline, I could check off the box to finish the reminder! Also, some integration with another task manager like anyDO would rock!
  2. I am wishing and hoping and pleading - skitch and powerpoint would be the perfect combo for class notes (for the majority of my classes, where teachers give out powerpoints ahead of time). Is there something else for ipad that'll let me type and draw on a powerpoint? and hopefully sync it to evernote or some other kind of cloud storage? thanks!
  3. Hi! I have really been enjoying the evernote recording feature lately, and was wondering if anyone had any experience connecting a better mic than the built-in one to a smartphone or ipad. I would love to bring my phone and a mic to a jam session or music lesson to make a recording and then integrate it with my evernote ecosystem, but the sound quality on the mics apple and other companies build into their stuff is sorely lacking. Is there a product like a bluetooth microphone that could quick-and-easy boost my audio recording quality? I tried google and amazon, but all the results I got were headsets. Thanks!
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