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Feature request: TAG my Skitch documents ! !



There should be no " read only " lock on skitch documents. I NEED to add TAGS to my skitch documents or what's the point ?? Tagging is essential to Evernote yet skitch an Evernote product , you can't tag. Either inside skitch or inside Evernote .... I need to be able to add tags !!!! I shouldn't have to save my skitch as a jpeg then upload to add tags. Evernote is about convenience, not being able to tag skitch documents is unreal !!!!!


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@jillianxenia - Thanks for the feedback.

We currently lock the document in order to protect the Skitch image and the meta-data required by Skitch to understand that this is a Skitch image. 


I'll add your request to our feature list.

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The Skitch integration with Evernote is incredibly crippled by the inability to add tags to notes created with Skitch. Am I missing something? How is this not possible? Please tell me I'm missing something.

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