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(Archived) Windows clipper problems


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I'm having a problem with Evernote on my corporate Windows PC. If I clip a webpage with the right click/Clip this page action from IE, the resulting note appears in EN missing images and with corrupted layout. The page I'm trying to clip has an extensive comments section which is superimposed over the text of the page in EN - looks fine in IE.



Win7 SP1

EN (268644) Public

IE 10.0.9200.16521


If I email the url to another machine running Ubuntu & Chrome with the EN clipper installed it clips fine.


The Ubuntu machine is also outside the corp firewall/content filter. But IE and EN are installed on the same machine above......


Any ideas?



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Hi - welcome to the forums.


Overall the web clipper does a pretty good job of rendering the content of a web page -which can involve any one or combination of dozens of different display formats - in the code used by Evernote.  Sometimes it doesn't work so well.  The answer then may be to 'print' your page in PDF format.  There are a couple of online sites that will do this,  plus some browser extensions - or if you have a PDF editor installed,  you could go through the print process and print to PDF file.  Put the PDF file in your note,  and you have both the indexed content and the appearance of the original page.  I was using something called Fireshot (a Firefox extension) but my Firefox is updating faster that FS can keep up,  so it's not available to me at the moment.

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