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  1. +1 for this feature as well. How come this isn't already present? I'm a seven year user of EN and I have exactly the same need as listed above; I want to sync work-related personal items to my work environment I want personal matters to remain outside the corp perimeter
  2. Further complaint I've only just noticed; if the EN window is resized, the PDF view window does not resize to suit.
  3. You have to view the PDF as an attachment before you can drag it. Right click on the PDF, select "view as attachment", then you should be able to drag and drop.
  4. Hi, I'm running EN on Windows 10 1709. This is a new build workstation (yay, got a new laptop) and when I installed EN it seemingly started using the Chrome built in PDF viewer. I've since installed a couple of other PDF readers (Adobe & Sumatra) and I wanted to be able to use them instead. Is there any way of selecting the default viewer? I've changed it in the OS, but that change doesn't seem to be reflected in EN. Thanks!
  5. Windows -, latest I believe... I can't see an obvious way to turn it on, either.
  6. I often embed a link between notes. I'll often have a timeline note, which links to other notes providing more detail, it's a convenient way to browse notes about a stream of events or thoughts. The problem is there's no way to go back to the timeline when you've finished with the detail. You have to close the detail, and re-open the timeline, which breaks my train of thought. I though EN had a back button, but it seems to have disappeared. Is it something that could be brought back? Thanks!
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