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(Archived) Questions about free Livescribe upload

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I am going to get 2 livescribe sky pens tomorrow. I appreciate if anybody could help to answer my questions about the free upload from livescribe to evernote:


1. Livescribe sky users have free 500 MB of additional monthly upload. If I am a free evernote user with 60M/month upload limit, after having this liverscribe pen, does it mean that I can upload 560M totally, no matter from the smart  pen or desktop?


2. If my 2 livescribe sky pens are both linked to the same evernote account, shall I have 1G(livescribe) + 60M(free user) upload limit?


3. After I purchase premium service, do I still have the free livescribe upload? (500M x 2 livescribe + 1G premium)


4. It seems that when showing some notes with recordings, evernote will redirect to a livescribe page to play the pencast and voices, does it mean that the voice and pencast data did not uploaded onto evernote sever but to the livescribe server? In that case, the 500M free upload to evernote is only for hand writing results. That's more than enough.


Thanks very much!

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Hi Basaka and welcome to the forum,


1. Yes you will get 560Mb for all your Evernote usage


2. Good question and whilst I don't think you would end up with 1Gb I will ask the question for you.


3. If you were a premium user before you added the Livescribe wifi pen then you would end up with an additional 12 months added to your contract. So for example if you had 6 months of Evernote premium left and signed up with the pen you would now have 18 months of premium. The 500Mb is in addition to whatever you have on Evernote. So you would indeed have 1Gb for your premium account and an additional 500Mb from the pen, totalling 1.5Gb to use as you wish.


4. It is the way that it works. The recordings as you say are loaded and playable from the web by a link in the Evernote Note. I can add to this and say I have not come even remotely near using my limit of upload.


Best regards



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