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Feature Wish For Songwriters

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Okay, I'm new to the forum thing, but i have to post this one....  I'm a songwriter, and I write ALL of my songs in evernote.  So naturally as a songwriter I have hundreds of partially written songs in my evernote.  What would be great to have is an indicator in the note to let me know how far along the song is (in reference to being finished).  


What I mean is I'd love to be able to flag the song at 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% (for complete).  This way I can prioritize which songs I should be working on at the moment.  Obviously if I have a song that is 75% done, I would work on that one, rather than the 25% done song.  Make sense? If you guys could make this happen that'd be a big help to myself and probably thousands of others who use evernote for the same purpose.



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Could you just tag the note with a tag for the percent done? Create tags for each percentage that you consider relevant. Change the tag as you do more work.


I'm not sure how Evernote would know whether the song was done or not. 

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-Or have new notebooks for now / soon / someday and move the note from one to the other depending on how far along the song has moved?  Obviously you could set fewer or more divisions and use names to suit yourself,  but I find three levels of action is about all my brain can handle...


Edit: Just realised that wasn't exactly explained fully - what I mean is to set the songs availability / priority for being worked on - so not started songs are 'someday' and nearly finished ones are 'now'.

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It sounds cool, altough as gazumped said, you can move it between notebooks. Personally, I have a main notebook with the name of my band, and another one named "Ideas", in which I store the first drafts of the songs. That loose riff, those verses...etc. And when it begins to take a more serious form, I move the note to the "main" notebook.


But the feature you suggest sounds cool. I'd love to see a way to edit pentagrams or tablatures in Evernote. That feature would be absolutely killer, I'd gladly pay for it.

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The pdf has great ideas for songwriting and Evernote. I saved the pdf to Evernote. :)


Thanks guys! I definitely rely on tagging for my songwriting. Just a head's up, that link is broken now. You can get the pdf and mp3 here: 



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