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Hi im new to evernote . I have downloaded the desktop version. Where I have created several notebooks with titles. I have saved various bits to each title. When I have synced on my desktop then opened evernote on my android device all of the material is there but all as one list. There is just one notebook on my phone which is under my username

How do I get the same notebooks to appear in the same format on desktop and on android app

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Do you have / use the Evernote for web?

Try syncing your desktop stuff to web, and after that, sync phone.

I am also quite new to Evernote, and maybe there is another way of solving this problem, but from what I recall from my experiments with all 3 platforms, my suggestion must work.

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Hi and welcome both to the forum,


You should have the same Notebooks on your desktop and on your Android phone,


But do remember to sync the desktop first, then sync the phone. It is probably just you being too quick!


Do report back and let us know that all is OK.


Best regards



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