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  1. Tried renaming the folder. To no avail. Keeps freezing as before.
  2. There was a period when it worked almost fine, but lately again it freezes all the damn time! I cannot believe it takes so long to fix the problem! Signed, increasingly annoyed customer
  3. I am surprised to see that so much of functionality is taken away in new version. You can't change fonts (type, size, bold, italic etc) anymore. You cannot open note in new window/tab anymore. When you get search results, you cannot even enlarge particular note (=get in the middle of the screen). It is only possible if you go through notebooks. But what is worst of all - there is no clickable link to source!!! Words fail me, really. The style I kinda like. Lovely that notebook list pops up and shrinks (although, on the other hand, it is so long now and full with white space between lines.... extensive scrolling needed). But lost functionality is unbearable. I switched back to old version and I pray they don't eliminate it so soon.
  4. Just today I discovered I have the same problem - resource and word count is gray. I am not sure for how long this has been like this because I had a kind of vacation several last weeks and did not need to use the resource and word count. It worked at some point in May. Evernote for Windows Any suggestions, any help? Please. A.
  5. Similar problem here, and it has become increasingly more and more annoying. I mean, I can practice my being patient every now and then, but, in times, it freezes extremely often and for much more than just 10- seconds! Sometimes it is dead a minute, couple of minutes, even more, and the freezing repeats many times during some certain period. Why? I don't know. There is no consistency. There are periods when Evernote works just fine, then there are some with occasional freezes, and then (too often lately) there are times when work is practically paralyzed! It's Windows 7. Latest version of EN.
  6. Not sure if some of those are not posted already, but bugs I found are: 1) 'Simplify Formatting' function does not work properly. It does not anymore format text to the font and size defined in my settings, and what's worse, it adds spacing (as if "Enter" key had been pressed twice) after each paragraph. 2) The program keeps closing all of a sudden unexpectedly. For instance, sometimes, when I press the "New Note" button at the top of the window, the whole program just closes and I need to re-open it. Also, I have noticed several times that it has been closed by itself for mysterious reason - e.g. it just disappears from the taskbar even if I did not do anything with Evernote and the program window was just "sitting" there, minimized. This problem comes and goes and can't catch the trigger. 3) I work with two monitors, and if I press maximize button at the Evernote window, the edge of that window hangs over to other display a little bit. The same effect happens at both displays - no matter at which display the window with Evernote is being opened at max, a thin overlay of it then hangs at other display. The surplus edge is not too wide, but, still. Strangely, it is shorter than actual Evernote window opened at the other display, and it ends in the middle of the screen. To help to understand this bug, I made a picture of the overlaid edge, please see it here: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s115/sh/6fbec548-2585-4a16-b23b-e8b7c70b11fe/d393b0d132c3a02c8f9411c44c74c892
  7. I miss the possibility to change the size of cards/thumbnails (I know it is not the same technically but for me from a user point of view it kinda is). I agree with other about title of the note - would be good to see it all the time without having to scroll. In green, preferably
  8. Do you have / use the Evernote for web? Try syncing your desktop stuff to web, and after that, sync phone. I am also quite new to Evernote, and maybe there is another way of solving this problem, but from what I recall from my experiments with all 3 platforms, my suggestion must work.
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