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(Archived) Two collumn side panel



This is a suggestion on how to make the sidebar where ALL the notebooks and tags are sitting a little less scroll-centric!


Why not have a two column sidebar, where on one you could have all your notebooks and on the second the list of all the tags and their hierarchie, that way you could easy browse both without scrolling up and down all the time through thousands of tags and then up again to get to a notebook?


Of course that could be optional in the preferences, but I think definitely usable!


Sorry for the misspelling on the title!



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Cool thanks! Yes of course, but the only issue with that is that it doesn't give me the hierarchy in case there are tags that belong to a hierarchy I defined in the tags section.


So it could work just like now, but if it finds tags in some note for which the user has set a hierarchy, then it should also display that hierarchy, cause in a way that's what you would expect, alphabetic order is good, but that would be even better!!

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