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  1. God damnit, you do know that old school paper notebooks have flaws? We're in a digital age where we can have whatever functions we want, or do we still need to create notes on stones? That argument makes no sense and its persistent defense even less.
  2. What the heck? You don't have to use sub-notebooks if you don't want, people here are just too attached just because they get a batch saying "Guru".
  3. I got to say this is just ridiculous, not serving either of us the sub notebook people nor the nested tag people with both unusable across platforms! Isn't organization supposed to be the most important thing here and not just dump notes in one notebook and choose tags from a list of millions of tags, that is the most non-standard and frustrating way of working for me. All the other features of Evernote are great but the organization of notes is just horrible.
  4. Only thing being that the web version is blocked/unsupported on iOS! Refers to downloading the app...
  5. still nothing, using tags properly on iOS seems such a low priority, it's a crippled, non-consistent experience that's completely useless and only works properly on the desktop version.
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