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(Archived) How do I get 'Notebooks' back on my iPad?


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Hi Grinny,


Have you checked on the web version of Evernote on a computer - not the iPad - to see if everything is still there?  I am guessing you will find everything is OK.


Next thing would be to do a simple delete of Evernote on the iPad then re install it.


Best regards



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Go to Trash, tap on the Notebooks button in the top left hand corner, then drag the top bar down to the bottom of the screen using the anchor (horizontal lines) under the elephant.

It's a truly terrible piece of UI design, so bad we now use it as an example for our junior designers and developers.

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For those of us who think you have this problem the solutions above (especially from smarty-pants Metrodon) do not work. I thought I had this problem this morning... as I hadn't been in Evernote on the iPad for awhile (I usually use the web or PC version).


But never fear, don't panic. Your notebooks did not disappear.


On the iPad, drag down the green bar at the top. It should display a "stack" of green bars. If you don't see "Notebooks", look for a name of one of your Notebooks -- it could be open. Tap it. In the upper left-hand corner should be a back-arrow with the word "Notebooks". Tap it. Voila, There's all your notebooks. 


It's not really a bug or that anything is wrong with Evernote, you just had a notebook open!


Now you can apply the palm of hand to your forehead.... like I just did. Doh!  :huh:

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