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(Archived) FF add-on and local-ONLY usage

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I want to use the FF add-on and my local default notebook.

No network action. No syncing.

After much effort, I have failed to find any settings that work.

If I cannot do this, I cannot use the product.

That would be a shame, but not a tragedy, since I am happy enough with Mori.

I have searched the forums and found directly contradictory advice from official sources.

I'd like some clarification that I can verify for myself.

Thank you,


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Hi crane,

I probably should have mentioned that I'm on the mac client,

but I would be surprised to hear that they operated that differently ..

I have a local default notebook and the FF add-on.

When I activate the add-on, I only get a sync'ed notebook

as my notebook choice, not my default, even though Evernote

is up and running locally... I've even deleted all sync'd notebooks

from my local instance (I cannot delete the last notebook in the

web client), and the add-on will choose the web client notebook ...

Still looking for a clue as to how to set this up,

or what settings need to change to what values ...


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When you say "notebook choice", that reminds me of using the bookmarklet clipper. I have two clippers on my machine - the current green elephant, which clips directly to my desktop database, and a bookmarklet. The bookmarklet looks like this:


and ONLY clips to the web, i.e., it's what the green elephant icon would do if you were on a machine that DID NOT have EN installed on it.

I wonder if you're somehow using this kind of clipper, because it's the only one that I know of that offers you the choice of notebook (as well as the ability to add tags and a comment, etc.) right when you clip. The "standard" green elephant icon just clips the current selection to your database (on your machine, and to the last selected notebook) but does not give you he option to immediately add tags/comment, etc.

I'm sure engberg can explain this all much better... :D

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Hi again,

Thank you for the responses. I appreciate the helpful spirit! :D

I am definitely using the FF add-on (green elephant button in upper right of browser chrome).

Not the bookmarklet. I installed via the FF add-on menu and had to restart FF.

Mind you, I just got started last night, so maybe the most current versions

differ, but I have a "choice" of notebooks (in quotes only b/c I only have 1 notebook,

but it is a droplist control, so I presume when I have more, I'll be able to select).

I can also add tags right there, before saving.

To clarify, that 1 notebook is the 1 (and only) notebook in my web client, NOT my local client,

which has no sync'd notebooks (as specified when the notebook was created).

Still a mystery to me.


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I think there's a problem with your clipper extension then. There are other threads on the board that mention such behaviour, i.e., FF seems to forget/lose the fact that EN is installed locally. It sounds like it's acting right now like you don't have EN installed. I don't remember the exact details, something about installing EN with FF still running? Or something. You could do a search of engberg's posts that mention "firefox" "clipper", etc. I think the fix is easy; something like reinstalling the clipper (which can be downloaded from some website, again, no details from me!).

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