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(Archived) Android GUI suggestion (notebook and tag buttons)


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I'm enjoying the new Android beta, but in the Android client in general there are a few things that take more clicks/taps than necessary.

  1. The notebook selector doesn't need an "OK" button - a note can only be in one notebook - clicking on the notebook should dismiss the list.
  2. When creating a new note, choosing the notebook and tags are such common operations that they shouldn't be in a menu - there is currently plenty of room between the "done" check button and the add attachment "+" button to place a notebook and tag button. Even on my phone, certainly on my tablet.

Hope that makes sense!


Cheers, Mark

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Hey Mark,


Here's a bit of background on the extra taps for the things you mentioned:


1. We considered reducing the workflow by one step and removing the OK button. We've opted to keep it there as a safety in case you accidentally tap the wrong notebook and unintentionally move your note into a shared notebook

2. On your android phone, a quick notebook selector appears for a few seconds then scrolls out of view.  You can swipe down to reveal it again and change the notebook your new note will be created in.


Hope that helps you understand our decisions a bit more. 





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@Miki: Hello, and welcome to the forums! (beating GrumpyMonkey to the punch :), I hope)


Is #1 governed by a general approach to UI on mobile devices, because of the existence of fat-fingered people (like me) operating a touch screen?

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