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(Archived) "Conflicting modification" - Do I need to manually sync iOS/Mac Evernote?


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I've been getting a lot of strange "Conflicting modification" duplication of my notes. Do I really need to manually press sync whenever I am done typing anything on a particular note?


Also, which one is the most recent, the conflicting modification or the note above it? And what are the consequences of deleting the conflicting modification (will it just create another one on another device?).

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Hi - I'd say you need to figure out why these notes are popping up - are you swopping between clients frequently during the day,  shutting down without syncing,  or sharing notebooks with someone else who has editing privileges?  You obviously appreciate that Evernote servers are seeing two different changes to a note and don't know which is the most recent,  so they save both and leave you to sort out the difference.  One way to avoid this is to sync both before changes AND afterward if you might be using another input later..

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Ok, I have the same issue. So my understanding is that you need to sync before exiting program etc. but now that I have a file the has a conflict stored on their servers. How do i get that "bad" document off so that the good original can be saved there w/o listing the conflicting file? Am I making sense?

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