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  1. I've been getting a lot of strange "Conflicting modification" duplication of my notes. Do I really need to manually press sync whenever I am done typing anything on a particular note? Also, which one is the most recent, the conflicting modification or the note above it? And what are the consequences of deleting the conflicting modification (will it just create another one on another device?).
  2. Maybe your idea EN buying Goodreader in order to get more integration between them is a good one (although is easy for us to think things like that, given isn't our money ) I agree, but Mr Evernote if you are reading this, don't change the standalone Goodreader app, make a second Goodreader4Evernote app, or integrate it into to the Evernote app. People would scream bloody murder if the direction of the standalone app was changed, and erased everyones notes with some Evernote login page!
  3. That is exactly what I am thinking of doing, keeping two copies of everything, one in Goodreader (via dropbox) with traditional file structure, and another in Evernote (with brief typed notes and documents all converted to attached via PDF to the note). I assume that you can at least search and read PDF documents inside the Evernote app? It doesn't really help with annotation though. I suppose I could just replace the PDF inside of a note with an annotated version. Or just do all my annotating in the Mac with Preview. Hmm. But I also want to keep them in Evernote indefinitely, and only use Goodreader for topics I'm actually doing (and for holding my textbook collection, which will also be on Evernote in order to be searchable). This would all be easier if Evernote just bought Goodreader.
  4. Oohhhh, so Evernote works a but like Dropbox? That is very cool, I did not realise this. If only evernote could automatically create a copy of the documents into PDFs, for the purpose of making them readable and searchable. But I will just have to do it myself and employ version numbers on the top (so I can tell if I forgot to update the PDF). I think it's finally starting to fit together in my mind, about how I will be using Evernote over the next few years. Thanks for the info. EDIT: The more that I think about this, the more I realise that I'll be transitioning away from Goodreader for documents that come up a lot (like once per week), and just leaving Goodreader for topic handbooks, text books and other documents that I need throughout the semester. As long as I convert the powerpoint slides to PDF, and everything to PDF really, then I'll be able to use Evernote instead. But then again, it would be nice to even have all those documents searchable in Evernote as well as in Goodreader (so I can mark them up in Goodreader). It's scary learning new things and giving up old systems
  5. So I have been taking lecture notes with Evernote and have been finding it pretty useful (although there is no quick way to add images using the iPad!). For one of my topics, a lot of the information we are presented will be much more useful as Pages documents (that's the Mac version of Word), where I can wrap text around lots of figures and have it read more like a page from a textbook, but just for my reference. What I was thinking was take all the notes in Evernote, images included, and then later write it all in Pages, and add the Pages documents to a new stack. My concern is just that Evernote will not be able to scan the text in the Pages document or the images in it, or even be able to display the documents. I could save them all as PDFs, but then I would need a system to save all the Pages documents to my Mac and if I ever needed to edit the document, I would have to first delete the PDF (and any highlighting or notes I have made on it), edit the original Pages document on my Mac, then save it as PDF, then upload it and manually reenter the original date I uploaded it as well as the tags. This is annoying because in a way I may as well not use Evernote at all. Evernote would be fine by itself, except adding a figure (an image) to a note just plonks it across the whole page, so a note that has 30+ figures in it would become very hard to read. What I would like to be able to do is have thumbnails of most of the images that expand when I click on it. Or a way to view and edit Pages (or even Word if it's the only option) documents in Evernote itself, while on the Mac. I'm a premium member btw, if it helps to answer this question with regards to features that are locked out of free users. Thanks for your time reading this. I've been looking for the best way to take typed notes (for written notes of equations, I still need to scan them and add then to Evernote), and I think I'm ready to settle for Evernote, but I just don't understand how Evernote works with adding documents that let you wrap text around figures (like in Word/Pages)!
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