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(Archived) Can you stop automatic addition of "from ****" in the title?

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I use Evernote as a voice recorder to leave notes to myself. When I don't have time to type in the title, which is most of the time when I user Evernote as a voice recorder, Evernote gives the note an automatic title "Audio recording".  That's fine with me. But when the day falls on a special occasion like somebody's birthday, the title automatically is appended with "from ***'s birthday".. 


Can you stop this automatic addition? 

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Have you checked in Evernote ~Settings ~Other Options to see whether Enable Auto-Title is switched on?  If you untick that box you should have peace and quiet.


Well, yes. But with that option checked off, the title that Evernote assigns is just "untitled note", which is not really value-adding. With "Audio recording" in the title, I can search all my audio notes later.  So what I'd like to achieve is just turn off the extra phrase in the title on special days.


I should have clarified that in my OP. 

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Ah.   Don't believe that's possible unfortunately.  It is possible to search for different types of file attachment,  though I don't believe audio notes have been mentioned in my hearing - if you could search for the file type,  at least you could find and delete / retitle recent recordings.  Otherwise you just have to take the time to do it on the fly.

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