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  1. I love the Evernote clipper's ability to carve out only the relevant text. It is far better than similar plug-in's such as Readability or Clearly. Is there any way to just print the uncluttered webpage without first saving it with Evernote? Sometimes all I want is just a print-out of clean, uncluttered webpage, without storing it with Evernote.
  2. This issue is one of the biggest letdowns of switching to iOS from Android. On an Android phone, you can create a "audio note" widget on the home screen, and all it takes is just a tap on the widget to start recording. I used it a lot to create notes-to-self on the moment. As the developers are not working on this for now, does anyone know of any other good "voice note" or "audio note" app for iOS that is quicker to use?
  3. Evernote app's own camera can't focus on a paper 10 inches away. My other camera apps can. Is it possible to force Evernote to use a third-party camera instead of its own?
  4. I'm bumping up this thread, rather than starting a new one, because I have the same question. Almost 3 years after the OP. Plus, the link that BurgerNFries provided is no longer valid. Evernote has gone through so many iterations of update since. Are the two tray programs still necessary? What do they do? My computer has slowed down so significantly that I'm trying to remove all non-essential start-up programs.
  5. I didn't say it right. Yes, my phone does sync. What I would like to do is overwrite the local data with the server data.
  6. Settings - Search & Storage - Clear Cache didn't help. A closer look an the folder reveals that it's not just audionotes (.AMR) files but also photos (.JPG) that are stored in that folder. I'm a little hesitant to delete that folder entirely, because, although the vast majority are past files that no longer exist on the server (or my Evernote for Desktop), some belong to notes that still remain on the server. Is there a way to force-sync the mobile device with the server? Some cloud-based syncing services allow that.
  7. While trying to find the cause for ever-shrinking memory on my SD card, I discovered that the past audionote files (.AMR files) that I have deleted in the server remain undeleted in the Android app. They are located in the /MNT/SDCard/Evernote/user-******/unsaved_notes folder. Why weren't they deleted during syncing? Is there a quick way to perform a real, forced sync that will clear all the files in my smartphone that don't exist in the server?
  8. Thanks, gazumped. That worked for me too. But I think an embedded camera, if it can properly focus, is a good idea. It always takes time for the device camera app to load and when I saw the embedded camera in the new Evernote app, I instantaneously liked it. Before I realized that the embedded camera can't focus, that is..
  9. Well, yes. But with that option checked off, the title that Evernote assigns is just "untitled note", which is not really value-adding. With "Audio recording" in the title, I can search all my audio notes later. So what I'd like to achieve is just turn off the extra phrase in the title on special days. I should have clarified that in my OP.
  10. I use Evernote as a voice recorder to leave notes to myself. When I don't have time to type in the title, which is most of the time when I user Evernote as a voice recorder, Evernote gives the note an automatic title "Audio recording". That's fine with me. But when the day falls on a special occasion like somebody's birthday, the title automatically is appended with "from ***'s birthday".. Can you stop this automatic addition?
  11. Every time I run Evernote for Windows, it takes me to "My Notes" as the default notebook. That surprises me because I'm led to believe some of my notes are missing, before realizing that I need to switch to "All Notes" notebook. How do you change this behavior? I'd like Evernote to start from the "All Noes" notebook.
  12. Penultimate's pen feels too watery. This even after I bought an Adonit stylus, which enables to you really pinpoint the location of the stylus. Is there anything that can be done about this?
  13. Well, I wasn't thinking that the email client would do the job of parsing out the link. The Evernote server can do it. As it already stands, doesn't Evernote server already do it when you clip a webpage or render a webpage into a Cleraly view? In the same manner, when the Evernote server receives an email from the user with a single link to a website address, it can parse out the hyperlink and store the contents instead of the link itself.
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