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  1. This issue is one of the biggest letdowns of switching to iOS from Android. On an Android phone, you can create a "audio note" widget on the home screen, and all it takes is just a tap on the widget to start recording. I used it a lot to create notes-to-self on the moment. As the developers are not working on this for now, does anyone know of any other good "voice note" or "audio note" app for iOS that is quicker to use?
  2. Evernote app's own camera can't focus on a paper 10 inches away. My other camera apps can. Is it possible to force Evernote to use a third-party camera instead of its own?
  3. Thanks, gazumped. That worked for me too. But I think an embedded camera, if it can properly focus, is a good idea. It always takes time for the device camera app to load and when I saw the embedded camera in the new Evernote app, I instantaneously liked it. Before I realized that the embedded camera can't focus, that is..
  4. I totally agree to this post. I can wait for the ability to edit Penultimate notes within Evernote, but at a minimum auto-syncing is really indispensable.
  5. The quality of voice recording with Evernote for Android is really bad. Is it the app or my smartphone, which is Motorola Droid 4. I have other voice recording apps, like Tape-a-Talk, and they play back CD-quality voice, so I tend to think it's Evernote. I don't want to run another app solely for the purpose of voice recording a note to self. Evernote should be able to cover that too. Is there room for improving the quality of voice recording in Evernote?
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