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(Archived) Tips for working around note conflicts



I need some tips on working around note conflicts when two people are in the same note at the same time. My team is spending more time in evernote now and this is a constant problem. 


Evernote.. how about a live update like Google docs has?


If that is not possible then is there anything others are doing to overcome this?

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Evernote is really not designed to have multiple people working in the same note at the same time. 


If you need that kind of functionality then i think something like google docs or confluence from atlassian would be more suitable.

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LiveMinutes (http://appcenter.evernote.com/app/liveminutes/web-apps) solves just this problem. On LiveMinutes you can upload your notes from Evernote and edit them together in realtime (you can see everyone's cursor) and your changes are automatically saved back to everyone's Evernote. Changes made on Evernote are saved back to LiveMinutes as well.


Here's a video with more info : 


LiveMinutes also lets you chat and even conference in while editing your notes. You can also use LiveMinutes to share and pin comments to documents and visuals. LiveMinutes is free up to 5 workspaces (workspaces are like notebooks, they can contain as many notes as you want and have an unlimited amount of users), which is plenty, but you can also increase the limit by referring people. You can give it a try at http://www.liveminutes.com/evernote 



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