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(Archived) How to move EN Notes to EN Food?

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I have a Premium membership. I have a bunch of EN Notes with a "Food" tag, the very SAME tag I apply to recipes in EN Food. Almost none of them appear in EN Food, where I now want them. Clearly the programmers for Food have other, proprietary requirements for porting to Food.

For the many Food-tagged notes in EN, what must I do to port them into EN Food? Will it be necessary to copy and paste from the original EN note into a new "My Cookbook" note?

Please tell me there's an easier, more direct way.

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I'm guessing, but Evernote Food (and Hello) notes have some special format that marks them as special to those applications. I wouldn't be surprised if the read-only stuff (http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/cloud/chapters/read_only_notes.php) and the associated (see Note.attributes.contentClass) field are involved, but I don't know for sure -- the fact that they're read-only is indicative of the contentClass attribute, I think. You could probably dope it all out by exporting a Food note and a normal note out to .ENEX format, and doing some comparison.


Other than that, I don't know how to move notes into Food. Have you tried copy and paste yet?

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