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(Archived) Delete/replace sensitive content on EN

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I normally encrypt any content that is remotely sensitive before I send it to Evernote. With meaningful titles and tagging it is still easy to find what I am looking for. 


Sometimes however, the convenience of EN makes you act just a little bit too quickly...and a mail with an attachment that I would normally encrypt has been sent to the service before the brain starts functioning properly. It happened to me today, but fortunately there is no harm done as the content is after all not soooo sensitive. However, it made me think about how to handle this is general. If I mistakenly upload something to EN that should not be there, or should at least be encrypted, what are my options? This is my reasoning, and please correct me if I am wrong:

  • If I am working from a desktop client application, in my case the Windows client, and I realize my mistake immediately, I can delete a note I just created (for example by hitting the "add to EN" button in outlook) before the next sync. This requires me to delete it from the trash as well. Right?
  • If I send anything to my Evernote e-mail address, it will directly go to the server, therefore the option above is not valid.
  • If I modify a note, let's say I replace a non-encrypted version of an attached file by an encrypted one, this doesn't help me because the note history will keep the old version.
  • If I delete a note, and I also delete it from the trash, then ??? This is not really clear to me...

Looking at all this, I am thinking about setting a local notebook as my standard one. This way everything remains local in the first place, I can edit or delete it with immediate effect and move it to a synced notebook afterwards. 


Comments are appreciated  :)

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Hi - good question.  One of the features of Evernote is version control - once it has synced with the server you can always revert your note to an earlier version.  If you inadvertently save something in clear that should be encrypted that would be a potential problem - there would always be an unencrypted version out there.  Bear in mind though that Evernote keeps your information safely - the recent 'hack' was defeated and no information lost - so at worst the risk is controlled.  To be 100% sure though,  then yes - your best option would be to start with a local folder,  and move across files once you're sure it's safe to do so.


(There are some advantages to that too - you can monitor your usage more closely and not go over limits)

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