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(Archived) 3 Problems with evernote

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I need some help here. I upgraded from 2.2 to 5.x AND I am having 3 significant issues.

using scansnap s1300i, Mac 10.8.2, Evernote Version 5.0.6 (400960)


Evernote search is not working 100% as it did in 2.2 ex, when searching  for "9.76" cant find it, but in 2.2 it CAN!!! this worries me.

Evernote hangs on "Processing" and have to force quit when restarting mac.

Can Evernote have UNLIMITED local database?


I hate to continue with this product till I have resolved this.  I have quite a bit in notebooks now.  Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!



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Cant start evernote.. keeps saying I don't have internet AND my database is entirely local. internet is fine.....

mac 10.8.2, everynote 5.x (app store) using scansnap s1300i.


What's going on, I have been mucking around with this... before this happened

evernote would NOT quit, so i removed software and reinstalled....


is anyone there to help.

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Merged your topic discussing the same problem with your original topic. I'd suggest opening a support request; see the link in my signature.

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