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  1. Absolutely could! So many companies go out of biz without notification. Backup and protect yourself! Evernote has had problems of disappearing notes as well, as well as disappearing accounts!. sh*t happens. Export via a scripting on a schedule is fantastic!
  2. Meh, not really! although the only other language I speak is unix!
  3. my point is i don't use a "cloud" for evernote cloud issues... http://bfy.tw/8NAv
  4. very nice.. would you be up for adding html export to this as well? thank you.
  5. Peer to Peer http://lmgtfy.com/?q=peer+to+peer I do NOT rely on evernote to sync notes. In fact, I do not employ "the cloud." Evernote fails users.. either self destructing / deleting data on it own as other posters mentioned. It's a very useful tool, however, the company is NOT very responsible in owning up to it's faults. Therefor, I make precautions. TM backup the rest of the Application Support folder.. not reason to exclude one item. The overhead is NOT that significant for me. Actually minimal.
  6. IMO, I use a script, backup both enex AND HTML. I am also syncing application support/Evernote (peer to peer syncing ) from one mac to two anothers, And I also do Time Machine on all computers. I feel SAFE having html. My fear is that evernote will become absolute or self destructive. As most, I have a lot of very import info in evernote land.
  7. I'm not sure if any work from the app store.. get it direct from evernote (if it's still possible) I have 2 scripts that work.. NOT from app store... 1) to export enex, other to export HTML incase evernote goes away and the files are more in an industry standard... I did NOT write these.. I pulled them from the interwebs and massaged them! 2 different scripts HTML OUTput set outputpath to (path to desktop as text) & "Evernote Test" do shell script "mkdir -p " & quoted form of POSIX path of outputpath tell application "Evernote" set allmynotes to find notes export allmynotes to outputpath format HTML end tell ENEX OUTPUT set curDate to do shell script "date +'%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S'" with timeout of (30 * 60) seconds tell application "Finder" set setBackupfolder to "/Users/YOURFOLDERHERE/" as POSIX file -- set backup folder path -- confirm valid path exists if setBackupfolder exists then else display dialog "The backup path you set does not exist. Please go to line 3, set a valid path and re-run this script." giving up after 99999999 error number -128 end if set backupFolder to setBackupfolder as text end tell -- activate evernote tell application "Evernote" activate -- wait for evernote to come to the front tell application "Finder" set frontAppname to "whatever" repeat while frontAppname is not "Evernote" tell application "System Events" to set frontAppname to name of first process where frontmost is true end repeat delay 1 -- wait a little more end tell -- do the backup set allNotebooks to every notebook repeat with currentNotebook in allNotebooks set notebookName to (the name of currentNotebook) set allNotes to every note in notebook notebookName if every note in notebook notebookName exists then -- proceed if notebook is not empty set dateString to (current date) as text -- get the date set newDatestring to {} repeat with i in dateString -- change colon in time stamp (changed to slash in Finder) to underscore if (i as string) is ":" then set end of newDatestring to "_" else set end of newDatestring to (i as string) end if end repeat set exportFilename to (backupFolder & notebookName & " - Backed up on " & newDatestring & ".enex") export allNotes to exportFilename end if end repeat -- confirmation dialog display dialog "The backup of your Evernote notebooks is complete." buttons {"View Backup Folder", "OK"} default button 2 giving up after 99999999 if the button returned of the result is "View Backup Folder" then tell application "Finder" activate open backupFolder end tell end if end tell end timeout
  8. @ENUT... Very nice!!! bravo.. how would I append current date to the backup folder name? (~/Documents/bkup(current date)) Great script
  9. All is good.. question for you ... If i copy the entire applications support/evernote folder to another computer and install same copy of evernote, will it run? I'm thinking of cloning that folder to another computer on a daily bases... will this work? thanks
  10. JMichael, Thank you, ... so I'm going to install 5.5.2, then import the enex files I created for each stack. .. sounds good. thank you!
  11. I would love to download 5.5.2, where do I find this?... what are the major diff's between 6.0.5 and 5.5.2... I keep local database Only... but still need search capabilities in pdf's.. thanks
  12. Greetings, I have wiped out my mbp and did a clean install of yosemite..(10.10.2) before wipe out, I have been using from the app store EN 5.2.1 (10.8.5 os) using only local notes. Now I want to use the downloaded version evernote 5.6.2.. . so this is a 2 part questions. What is the best way to restore my database... AA) Should I put the containers back in place then install the downloaded version? Will the downloaded version see the containers? BB) install the downloaded version and just reimport each enx file and create a new stack? I have looked in past discussions, I just want to be certain I take the best approach.. Thanks
  13. I have figured out the issues… There is a Bug in EN 6, where applescripts DO NOT work. and then on top of this, EN 5.X must be downloaded from website for applescripts to work (NOT from app store) So, this is a double whammy… If you want to run the apple script, do NOT use EN6, and find 5.X as a download..dmg file.
  14. I'm not an applescript expert.. I found this on line and can't get it to work... perhaps there is a knowledgable applescript person here in the forum that can get it to work. thanks -- PURPOSE: Export all notes in Evernote to an ENEX file so that -- the notes can be backed up to an external drive or to the cloud set curDate to do shell script "date +’%Y%m%d’" -- Change the path below to the location you want the notes to be exported set exportPath to "/Users/name/bkup/Evernotxe-" & curDate & "/" do shell script "if [ ! -e " & exportPath & " ]; then mkdir " & exportPath & "; fi;" do shell script "mkdir " & exportPath with timeout of (30 * 60) seconds tell application "Evernote" repeat with nb in every notebook of application "Evernote" set theName to the name of nb set matches to find notes "notebook: " & "\"" & theName & "\"" set f to exportPath & theName & "-" & curDate & ".enex" export matches to f if (count of matches) > 0 then set p to POSIX path of f do shell script "/usr/bin/gzip -f " & quoted form of p end if end repeat end tell end timeout
  15. thanks jefito… for some reason I am having trouble getting the export function to work in apple script… what version are you using? I'm using 5.2.1… I have an applescript but it keeps bailing , error message..""Evernote got an error: The operation couldn’t be completed. Operation not permitted" number 1" actually from roaming the net, this error is because this EN(5.2.1) is from the app store and not a direct download…. but I want 5.2.1 oh well..will spend more time on this. ​Thanks… to all others, I realize I can export notebooks manually..I want to automate this process.. does anyone have a working applescript? thanks
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