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  1. Absolutely could! So many companies go out of biz without notification. Backup and protect yourself! Evernote has had problems of disappearing notes as well, as well as disappearing accounts!. sh*t happens. Export via a scripting on a schedule is fantastic!
  2. my point is i don't use a "cloud" for evernote cloud issues... http://bfy.tw/8NAv
  3. very nice.. would you be up for adding html export to this as well? thank you.
  4. Peer to Peer http://lmgtfy.com/?q=peer+to+peer I do NOT rely on evernote to sync notes. In fact, I do not employ "the cloud." Evernote fails users.. either self destructing / deleting data on it own as other posters mentioned. It's a very useful tool, however, the company is NOT very responsible in owning up to it's faults. Therefor, I make precautions. TM backup the rest of the Application Support folder.. not reason to exclude one item. The overhead is NOT that significant for me. Actually minimal.
  5. IMO, I use a script, backup both enex AND HTML. I am also syncing application support/Evernote (peer to peer syncing ) from one mac to two anothers, And I also do Time Machine on all computers. I feel SAFE having html. My fear is that evernote will become absolute or self destructive. As most, I have a lot of very import info in evernote land.
  6. @ENUT... Very nice!!! bravo.. how would I append current date to the backup folder name? (~/Documents/bkup(current date)) Great script
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