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(Archived) Evernote update on PC without admin rights


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I hope that with all the turmoil related to the password reset someone will find the time to give me some advice on this topic:


I have Evernote installed on my company laptop running Windows 7. I do not have admin rights on this computer, but was nevertheless able to install Evernote ( without problems. Now I am wondering if my system will also allow me to go through the update or if I will run into any issues. I tried to search the net and this forum, but what I found wasn't conclusive (at least not for me...). So far I postponed the update, and EN is running fine after the password reset on all my devices. But eventually I'll have to go for it...


Does anybody have any experience in this regard or any advice?


Many thanks for your feedback.

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Hi :)

Evernote should be fine in a limited rights environment, and should be able to update.

I have a similar setup where it was installed without admin rights and have had no troubles yet :)


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