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(Archived) Android client 4.5.4 - screen does not shut off while editing note


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Not sure if this has been reported, but I searched and didn't find anything.

On my ICS Galaxy SIIx I am experiencing that the screen does not shut off while I'm editing a note.


A simple test is to do the following:


Create a new note (keyboard comes up) - type some stuff, and leave it.


The screen stays on for longer than the defined display off cycle. I tested this on the charger and it was on for a long time...


Not sure if this is by design, but it was unexpected for me, as I usually jot some thoughts down, and put the devices back down.


On that note, easier access to the "save" button, or an auto save feature would be useful.


Other comments - after a bit of editing, I've noticed the Android editor can get a little lost, where the cursor is no longer marking the insertion point. It seems like there is some corruption in the editor's cusor location. I can elaborate in a separate post if there is interest.


Thanks again for all the hard work making the app as great as it is!




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I suspect this might be by design, rather than a bug, since it appears on the list of permissions for the app.  I'm guessing it's to stop the screen from timing out every time you stop to think about what to write next!

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