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  1. Actually, hitting the three dots to the bottom brings up a option to get the shortcuts. I can live with that for now
  2. Yeah - I just updated the thread for clarity (and possibly a bit of ranting on my part ). I agree this is in no way a critical issue. I'm wondering if this is a stub for the clipper you seem to have in your beta. I don't have any clipper installed - but I would love to have proper webclipping support in Android. Clipping bookmarks from chrome is not evernote worthy Is the beta program open for anyone to try? [EDIT yes, maybe => https://www.evernote.com/shard/s76/sh/01157eeb-9e09-4ae9-9694-a3b5efa14d0f/aa73f9be7382b91ef29be31a59ac2e13] Thanks for your input. Ticket is 552780
  3. No response back from Evernote regarding the service. In the meantime, the app continues to stay resident and consume memory while unused.
  4. Yup, agree this is a bummer. The only way to access shortcuts is not...short.
  5. Thanks I just emailed them. I wasn't sure where such a process came from. I didn't think Evernote has the ability to "clip" pages in Android that it does on a PC browser - so I'm puzzled what this WebClipperService is actually doing. Whenever I share from Chrome from Android to Evernote, all it does is copy the link to Evernote - I would be surprised if a service was required to circumvent security mechanisms introduced in Kit kat for a text copy. Am I missing a fundamental feature here? Thanks
  6. Hi I'm noticing a webclipper service from Evernote running often on my kit Kat device. Any idea why it's running? Evernote never had any background services before? Thanks
  7. I third this - I considered removing the clipper as well. it's really annoying.
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