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  1. Yes, I try to ensure the manifests i generate are always based off the intended exe. I still can't figure out why I need to run it from the command line to get the OS to recognize the manifest file...but at least I have a solution. For non-developers, you can use sigcheck: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-ca/sysinternals/bb897441.aspx to dump the Manifest from a given exe For windows 8.1 (possibly others) Make sure the format of the file is UTF-8.
  2. I also find it surprising how incorrect the hdpi value is. I've applied that fix to three apps so far and it's kind of a pain (i should probably script the process - or better yet, Microsoft should provide an easier override in the program compatibility settings). I'm positive Evernote is not alone in dealing with this problem. But it's good customer service to mention that you're still on it. Appreciate the post.
  3. I figured out my problem - in order to get the manifest to take effect, I need to launch evernote from the command prompt and in from the installation directory. I have no idea why this is the case - it's weird, but it works now. The UI scaling makes it much more usable than the itty bitty UI before.
  4. Thanks - I gave this a shot, but I don't see the text formatting toolbar buttons in evernote note windows looking any different. In fact, the interface seems the same. I'm using 250% scaling on Yoga2 Pro so maybe there's a limitation? I followed your links to the source of the modification, and it seems like people have had success using this on Adobe apps. Some have mentioned it can be sensitive to the actual scaling value of the OS.
  5. Update from me - Using (273753) on a 3200x1800 display isn't impossible. Simple text notes are fine, but the toolbars - especially the text formatting functions are very hard to see.
  6. Thanks, I've realized there is an update for the client, so I'll give that a go and try again. I'm running a 3200 1800 resolution so that's one difference. Cheers
  7. Thanks for the tip RobW. I tried it but it didn't seem to have any effect. This would be a nice update for when Evernote decides to overhaul their Windows App.
  8. Actually, hitting the three dots to the bottom brings up a option to get the shortcuts. I can live with that for now
  9. Yeah - I just updated the thread for clarity (and possibly a bit of ranting on my part ). I agree this is in no way a critical issue. I'm wondering if this is a stub for the clipper you seem to have in your beta. I don't have any clipper installed - but I would love to have proper webclipping support in Android. Clipping bookmarks from chrome is not evernote worthy Is the beta program open for anyone to try? [EDIT yes, maybe => https://www.evernote.com/shard/s76/sh/01157eeb-9e09-4ae9-9694-a3b5efa14d0f/aa73f9be7382b91ef29be31a59ac2e13] Thanks for your input. Ticket is 552780
  10. No response back from Evernote regarding the service. In the meantime, the app continues to stay resident and consume memory while unused.
  11. Yup, agree this is a bummer. The only way to access shortcuts is not...short.
  12. Thanks I just emailed them. I wasn't sure where such a process came from. I didn't think Evernote has the ability to "clip" pages in Android that it does on a PC browser - so I'm puzzled what this WebClipperService is actually doing. Whenever I share from Chrome from Android to Evernote, all it does is copy the link to Evernote - I would be surprised if a service was required to circumvent security mechanisms introduced in Kit kat for a text copy. Am I missing a fundamental feature here? Thanks
  13. Hi I'm noticing a webclipper service from Evernote running often on my kit Kat device. Any idea why it's running? Evernote never had any background services before? Thanks
  14. Hi, Not sure if this has been reported, but I searched and didn't find anything. On my ICS Galaxy SIIx I am experiencing that the screen does not shut off while I'm editing a note. A simple test is to do the following: Create a new note (keyboard comes up) - type some stuff, and leave it. The screen stays on for longer than the defined display off cycle. I tested this on the charger and it was on for a long time... Not sure if this is by design, but it was unexpected for me, as I usually jot some thoughts down, and put the devices back down. On that note, easier access to the "save" button, or an auto save feature would be useful. Other comments - after a bit of editing, I've noticed the Android editor can get a little lost, where the cursor is no longer marking the insertion point. It seems like there is some corruption in the editor's cusor location. I can elaborate in a separate post if there is interest. Thanks again for all the hard work making the app as great as it is! Cheers, Ed
  15. I third this - I considered removing the clipper as well. it's really annoying.
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