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(Archived) Palm Pre?

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I'm a Sprint customer, currently using a Mogul, with Evernote installed. From what I'm learning of the Palm Pre, it looks like I've found my new phone. I've had two HTC PDA Phones with WinMo, but I think I'm about to make a departure from WinMo for now, and try out the Pre.

PLEASE develop Evernote for Pre when it comes out. I know I could use the mobile web version, but I really prefer the actual software! Thanks guys!!

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That's me as well: Sprint customer, using a Mogul. Hate the Mogul--although I must say, Evernote runs better on it than any other application I run. I maintain my sanity thanks to Evernote Mobile. :o

At the same time, I'll be moving to a Pre the moment it's released. So, you'll be making a serious contribution to my sanity if you release an Evernote version at the same time.

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