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(Archived) Do a better typography

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Hi - welcome to the forums,  and thanks for the request.  Developers read these user-forum posts,  so consider it registered.  A lot of people have asked for improvements to the editor in all platforms,  and hopefully this will be part of Evernote's ongoing development;  although the company have indicated that they're not interested in becoming another word processor.  If you really want presentation level typography,  better to look at full-featured word processors or DTP.  (You can,  of course,  attach a WP file to a note so you can edit it later,  and PDF the current output into the note.)


You seem to be asking for relatively low-level improvements that make it easier to type and read text,  which is good - I wouldn't want to see all the bells and whistles of industrial strength WP software added to Evernote's menus.  The trade-off will always be improving the editor without over complicating the menus.

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A way to 'remember' styles of text used is nice in any app, especially if you are creating multiple notes within a notebook, but you want to make sure to use similar formatting for certain bits of text. That being said, EN was never intended to be a Word Processor. So I wouldn't expect anything fancy, but a type of Style 1, 2, 3 could be very handy. This definitely gets my vote.

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