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(Archived) Merging takes up from monthly usage


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I have noticed that when I'm merging 2 or more notes in Evernote, the combined new note is subtracted from my monthly usage although both notes were already counted.

Is this a normal behavior?


Yes. The original notes are put into the trash & a new note is created. If you do this often, you may want to put your original notes into a local/non-sync'd notebook until you are done editing it.
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For a merge, EN creates a completely new note, and puts the old notes in the trash, so I would expect the new note, since it is new, to sync, and use up your allowance.  EN does not charge for storage, and does not give credit when you delete old notes, it just "charges" for uploading new or changed information, which you did.


That's my understanding.  Anybody with differing info, please chime in.


Wow, she answered while I was answering, and beat me to the save   :-)

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