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  1. Guys, Open a new thread with a fairly specific title, and your details. All of the it ain't broke rebuttals just make the thread too big for anybody to look at, as you know. An evangelist is one who tries to convert others to their belief at all cost. Even if there is a problem, finding it and fixing it is not on an evangelist's radar screen by definition. Explain it away if possible. But in fact, Evernote forum assigns the titles, and the user cannot, so she didn't choose it. But as far as her tag line, looks like she might have adopted the assignment.
  2. Burgers, do you have IOS Evernote experience with sync? Customers, are you still having lost note content due to unexpected (even astonishing) Evernote sync behavior?
  3. I'm still running because of the major changes Evernote began to make without regard for the non-business user, and without regard for the original look and use of the product, and without regard for your application, and without regard for stability. Just like other software companies, I guess. Anyway, if you downgrade below where I am, I believe they said it would mess up your database on your pc, since there was an expansion around that time. And I don't know if that is true of releases above me, but probably, with all the business and other junk that has been added. Good to know I can still run BQ if I ever want to, at my level. I might take a look at the newer UI at a future time, but on a test PC using another account. Anyway, good luck with these people, BQ guy. Looks like they don't care about the users that want to use your product. Not surprised.
  4. I suggest you open a ticket with your info, so that it will be officially addressed as a problem, open your own thread so people won't have to read years of complaints about it (they don't care), and if you're pretty well up to date, find the latest beta thread and post on it. And if you have important notes going into evernote, it is good to back them up in another file, especially if you have multiple updates going on. Hmmm, I just thought, maybe the system you went back to, updated the note's time to current, and sync'd it on in. They really need a sequence number that is incremented somehow, in addition to date detection, to prevent overlay of notes. Good luck, and anybody else weigh in on this!
  5. I don't see any response to the latest post. So, ggg111, I'm wondering if EN actually syncs to the same exact files across device types, or does it mirror later? Tried reproducing the problem, then doing it again, but wait 15 minutes before bringing up iPhone? If you have some conditions nailed down, I'm thinking you should open a support ticket with them, and keep on it. Another serious data overlay issue. Imprecise operation of a critical system, causing data loss. Anybody?
  6. ...some folks get offended when Evernote staff say things like "Evernoted" or "Thanks for the request" without further discussion. Sometimes it's best to just say nothing. Wow, kind of like talking to the wall or out in the deep woods is much preferred by most? And that some folks get offended (is that the right word?) is interesting. Maybe if they asked a question and got one of those two answers? Actually, jefito, I thought your previous to last post was pretty good, but the just previous one - well. I think I was told, after I previously questioned, that the system assigns the title, including the threatening one that burgers has. Neither she nor you assigned your own title, right? Would have been nice to just explain that to the person. The titles set the whole tone of the posts we make, and the title assignment is at fault. It just happened again. I reported this long ago. But then, my title automatically changed to what I have now, and I am currently satisfied with it. :-) Hope it doesn't change to something bad again.
  7. Do you really feel like we don't listen to our users at all? I would disagree Well, you "would" disagree? So, do you disagree? Or would it have been better to say, "We do listen and are listening." i'm thinking that it's 3 against one, so I have chimed in. If you had said, "We do listen, and this is a good suggestion", it would have saved everybody involved in this tiff (or more) a lot of trouble. At least I myself would have not felt the need to come to the rescue. Just sayin.
  8. There's really no way you can say that, since you are not familiar with the under-the-hood part of Evernote & how it affects the various platforms EN lives on. And...it's not a bug, either. It may simply be low on their priority list. Either way, debating the issue serves no purpose.Then quit debating and name calling. People CAN say it, but there might be no way they "can be certain". But as far as anybody knows, the code could even be there, but is not functional for some reason. Nobody knows unless the coder looks at it. Sounds like a strong assertion of the unknown, as far as it not being a bug, without looking at the design/code.
  9. For a merge, EN creates a completely new note, and puts the old notes in the trash, so I would expect the new note, since it is new, to sync, and use up your allowance. EN does not charge for storage, and does not give credit when you delete old notes, it just "charges" for uploading new or changed information, which you did. That's my understanding. Anybody with differing info, please chime in. Wow, she answered while I was answering, and beat me to the save :-)
  10. Well, if I wrote an app, and it was not allowed to be installed by a security system or for any other reason, I would try to find out why, and get around the "problem". If an app can't be installed by users that want to use it, surely it is a "problem". I have noted many times that some who post on here, though I would have expected a forum to be for helping users, don't seem to have that in mind at all. For all you know, Symantec could easily "fix" the "problem". If users can't downlolad and run an app, then I consider it a "problem" that might can be "fixed". I am not surprised that you don't.
  11. Let us know how it goes after you use the Windows version for a good while, and then after you go back to the Mac Later.
  12. As you say, your information is VERY outdated. I've have run Norton Internet Security (contains antivirus) for years, and it is fast since maybe 2008 version. I do not use Systemworks any more for several years, nor do I use the utilities. I buy form Fry's online during a special, send in a couple of rebates, and it ends up they pay me 1 cent to run Norton In Iternet Security, any version I want on 3 machines. The codes can be used for renewal. I'm good for several years. My sister and brother use it, too. Anyway, why did we start reviewing one of the most widely used security software packages? Tried helping these people get around their problem?
  13. Actually, some of us surely prefer to err on the side of safety rather than damage. That's what we are paying for. Nice of you to certify that the software does not contain any malware or viruses. Download.com is even compromised, as far as many comments say. I go to the source, and then run scans on it, and after. Many people don't have backups (I do), and they are destroyed by one little mistake of unfounded trust. Anyway " including file age, file download source, digital signature, and file prevalence"... So, where is the file being downloaded from, how new is it, and is it signed somehow, or at least have the company id, etc., though I can't certify that it matters. Just suggesting what might could get it passed. I really don't know, but it surely would be good if it was able to get passed.
  14. They came up with stacks, so it might be possible to have nests. It seems that each notebook has a pointer to a stack. In order to nest, each notebook would have to be on a chain, hopefully chained both ways. Should not take a lot of extra space, but it would add to the PC cpu overhead each time a folder was referenced. Or, it would probably still need the pointer to the head of the chain, and a count of it's position within the chain. Moving folders and other operations would then be more complicated, or cpu intensive, depending on the db size. It would surely take extra PC cpu, and it would cause the folder area on the left of the screen, depending on your view, to take up more horizantal room, as the folders were displayed, etc., unless they used a +, but kept all the folders in line, opening them one at the time, sort of like the favorites folder. But then, if you opened a stack with a lot of nested folders, they would flow off the bottom of the screen, and could become a scrolling nightmare. Hmmm. But then, nested favorites work pretty good on the left of my IE8 browser. Of course I have not addressed how search would ever work in a nested environment. Hmmm again.
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