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  1. Guys, Open a new thread with a fairly specific title, and your details. All of the it ain't broke rebuttals just make the thread too big for anybody to look at, as you know. An evangelist is one who tries to convert others to their belief at all cost. Even if there is a problem, finding it and fixing it is not on an evangelist's radar screen by definition. Explain it away if possible. But in fact, Evernote forum assigns the titles, and the user cannot, so she didn't choose it. But as far as her tag line, looks like she might have adopted the assignment.
  2. Burgers, do you have IOS Evernote experience with sync? Customers, are you still having lost note content due to unexpected (even astonishing) Evernote sync behavior?
  3. I suggest you open a ticket with your info, so that it will be officially addressed as a problem, open your own thread so people won't have to read years of complaints about it (they don't care), and if you're pretty well up to date, find the latest beta thread and post on it. And if you have important notes going into evernote, it is good to back them up in another file, especially if you have multiple updates going on. Hmmm, I just thought, maybe the system you went back to, updated the note's time to current, and sync'd it on in. They really need a sequence number that is incremented so
  4. I don't see any response to the latest post. So, ggg111, I'm wondering if EN actually syncs to the same exact files across device types, or does it mirror later? Tried reproducing the problem, then doing it again, but wait 15 minutes before bringing up iPhone? If you have some conditions nailed down, I'm thinking you should open a support ticket with them, and keep on it. Another serious data overlay issue. Imprecise operation of a critical system, causing data loss. Anybody?
  5. Uh, I think he means that he can see and arrange notebooks on his computer screen, and nest them. They take up a spot in perceived and visual reality, like putting things in a file cabinet and folders, instead of just going around the office, and marking the stuff with tags, then maybe having various lists of the tags that he can look at and search. Some have great spatial memory, not for lists. He said that was how he perceives things, and he might be really good at it. He said that tags seem to be abstract to HIM. By abstract, he means that they do not have a position in space that they
  6. To the original poster and others, Please repost your request/case for nested notebooks, so others can agree with it or not. Good Luck!
  7. jefito, Did you not read the posts? Did the posts show bad attitude? Just sayin. In particular, some posts in the sync thread a day or so ago, but in this thread... There are others, but I think these three answer all of your points. Take it or leave it was also included. I see that you were even quoted in the last sentence below. Interesting quote from a previous rebuttal, I suppose. *The statements below are quotes from other poster(s), and not my opinion/attitude at all.* Funny b/c it really doesn't matter what "Those of you who think tags are a better solution" think. What matters i
  8. It sure looks like the "experts" responding to these threads (or at least a couple of them) are refuting people posting and arguing against those posting, instead of giving info. Also, saying things like: it doesn't matter what a poster thinks??? Don't use it??? You (plural) sometimes give good info, but what's up with this? How long ago did stacks come out? I don't think it was over a year or two ago, and It did not ship with the product originally, did it? So, how can some people strongly state what Evernote is NOT going to do? Have a nice day!
  9. I hope the ticket gets you help - I am not a Mac person, but does the icloud or other backups you might have, include a backup of the Evernote files on your machine? Do you have an old hard drive or other backup, or an old machine that might have it? Might be able to find it there, but be sure to only copy the files, and don't let Evernote access them directly. Just suggesting. Let us know what happens. Good Luck!
  10. I'm betting the real support people only track tickets. "Tickets!", "Tickets everybody!", "Tickets". I think I heard this in a movie on a train. :-) By the way, data loss due to overlay or otherwise is a disaster. I'm seeing a good number of complaints in this area. It also looks like backups could not even get these people their data back, since it seems to involves the sync strategy. There are no acceptable losses.
  11. Did all of you having this problem get this bug reported with a support ticket?
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