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(Archived) Problems with the payment platform

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I already left a message with Support but didn't get any conclusive answer. I am thus determined to scream my way through every social platform I can think of if this is what it takes to get my money back.
I recently applied to become a Premium user. I recently moved to Ireland for work, so I tried using my Irish Visa debit card to pay. I tried 5 times, and each time I got a message saying there was a problem handling your transaction, please try again. This was so annoying, I just logged on to Paypal and I used my French account (I'm originally from there, but didn't feel like using because the account is nearly empty now). This time, it worked.
BUT, on checking my Irish bank account the next day, I realized I was 200€ short of money! Because, while there had been a problem handling my transactions, there clearly had been no problem performing them nonetheless!!! I've just finished my studies, I live on my own and I have to pay rent. 200€ is a lot of money to me!
I want my money back and I want it back fast!!
Support sent an email to me asking for my email address (which is silly because you already have to give it when you contact support), and username (which again they already knew, since they had my email address). And I haven't heard from them since. Is it too much work for them to kindly inform me of when I will be able to see it transferred back into my account?


[Mod: Toned down inflammatory topic title. Hopefully the mistake will be rectified shortly.]


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Welcome to the forum :)

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Can you post your ticket number so that EN can follow up with the issue?

I have also flagged the thread for the attention of staff.


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