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(Archived) working with skitch works against my free 60meg Evernote


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Which version of Skitch are you using?


If you are using one of the desktop clients you can drag and drop the image to your desktop and save it as an image and simply not save it back to Evernote.


If you are using the Mac client there is an option under Preferences to Ask to save each image.


The advantage of saving the Notes to your Evernote account is you can easily sync Skitch Notes across all Skitch clients and have access to your notes in any Evernote client you log into it.

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@Enoch good question. The simple answer is "It all depends upon your resolution" and "it depends upon what you markup."


Screens are a bit deceptive and can obscure the amount of actual data in your screenshot due to the ability to capture at one resolution and display at another. For instance a screenshot taken on a large high resolution monitor is going to contain a lot more data than one taken on a smaller lower resolution. This is also true of cameras in phones. They might take a picture at a really high resolution but the screen is only able to display at a lower resolution and Android also is only capable of rendering images at certain resolutions, so it automatically down-res'es images for display, but stores it at the original data.


For example, I'm writing you right now on a Retina Macbook. You and I could both take a snap of the exact same 1"x1" image and there's a good chance my Retina Snap will be bigger than yours simply because of the nature of my display (and the output to it via the graphics card). 


Similarly how much marking up you do also adds data to every image and Skitch Note. We add data to the image about the annotations you create (ex: size/color of the arrow), meta-data about their annotations (ex: the text characters you typed), and meta-data about your activity (ex: timestamp). Most of this is small, but the more you add the more it increases the size. 


All of that said, if you're taking screen snaps of the same image on the same monitor with the same size Snap and same markups and you're seeing varying Snap sizes then you might be hitting a weird bug and we'd like to know more so we can investigate. We'd need some additional data from you to help diagnose the problem. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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