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(Archived) REQUEST: Add confirmation prompt before restoring from trash



When I want to delete notes from the trash to digital nirvana, it did happen to me that I accidentally clicked "Restore from trash" rather than "Empty trash". Sometimes I am in a hurry and such things happen. :( So when I accidentally click "Restore", then all notes are restored from trash into their previous notebooks without further warning. Last time when this happened to me 17 notes were affected. In such a case it's quite hard to find the notes in order to delete them again.


So I'd suggest to include a safety net in form of a confirmation popup before restoring those notes, just as it is when I click "Empty trash".


I did already send this request to the Evernote support team. :)


(I am german, so I am not sure if the terms are correct, but I think you'll know what I mean.)



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