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Delete PDFs on laptop after scanning to Evernote?

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Relative Evernote newbie here. 


I have a ScanSnap S1300i, EN premium, and MacBook Pro laptop.


I am wondering whether it's possible to delete a PDF that has been scanned with ScanSnap after the PDF has been uploaded to EN, and still be able to access that PDF?


(I am scanning files from ScanSnap to Evernote, which deposits the PDF file into my Pictures folder. Since I'm loving the ScanSnap, my Pictures folder is filling up fast and I'm wondering if that's going to clog up my laptop eventually.)


How do people get around this issue of filling up one's hard drive with PDF scans? External hard drive? But then can you access it from a synced notebook?


Thanks for entertaining my questions!

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Echoing what has been said before, you can delete or keep it. The choice is yours, but it won't affect Evernote.


However, in my opinion, storage is dirt cheap these days, so why not throw it onto an external hard drive "just in case." It only takes a second, and it is an extra backup that doesn't hurt to have. I literally scan many tens of thousands of pages every year (2000+ this morning), and even back when I was throwing 1-2GB of data into my account each month, I didn't find it to be a hassle at all to save stuff on an external drive.

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This is my first post here. :)


I ended up configuring the destination folder for Evernote scans to the Trash folder (on Mac that's "Users>your username>.Trash"), so all the scans go directly into the trash can rather than accumulating in your Pictures folder. Technically, the Trash folder is still a folder so it won't interfere with ScanSnap doing the OCR and sending the files to Evernote.


​All you need to do to get rid of the PDFs is to empty the trash.

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