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  1. I have 5.4.3, and first I went to Preferences > General. Checked "Show note counts in sidebar": http://d.pr/i/CriD. Now it's showing beside "Notes": http://d.pr/i/Okto.
  2. It actually does support Google Authenticator. Works great. You need to set it up with SMS first, but afterwards you can hit the Settings button and switch it over to Google Authenticator.
  3. If I'm understanding the question correctly, no you can't mark specific notes as local vs. synced. It's done on a per-notebook basis. So, I guess what you'd have to do is have a ClientABC and a ClientABC-local notebook or something like that.
  4. Yes, Evernote has the concept of Local Notebooks, so you could use those. They are never synced to the cloud. Of course, that means they'd never be synced to your iPhone and iPad either.
  5. Totally agree with jbenson2. I would almost always recommend doing it as a searchable PDF before upload, unless it is handwritten. It does take a bit of extra time, but it shouldn't take an extra step. Most scanner software should be able to do it automatically after scan. Which scanner do you have?
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