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(Archived) Notebooks Sorted By Subject


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I'm a new premium subscriber and have a question about the sorting of notes.


One of the options is to sort "Notes by Subject". I'm sure I must being missing something obvious but where or what is this the subject? I've tried sorting by it and still can't tell.

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I assume that you're referring to the standard Evernote for Windows client, since I cannot find that option on the "Metro" version. So anyways, good question. "Subject" is a date field in the note metadata, and you can view them using a list view, and adding Subject to the fields at the top (right click / check "Subject"). Only a small percentage (150 out of 4700) of my notes have any subject at all; I can't tell how they got their subject dates set. According to Evernote staff, Evernote clients do not use Subject date; see http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/22477-using-subjectdate-attribute-as-due-date/, or search the web for "evernote subject date"

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