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I'm new to Evernote and have been reading some of the Discussion Forums to see if I can find out exactly how to use it. Most of the issues are way over my head! All I've done in Evernote is make "notes" of misc. things like, grocery list, things to do, and work projects to do. However, I know I can do so much more with this program. I like accessing it from the downloaded software on my desktop and syncing with my iPhone the best. Can anyone explain what an attribute, tag, and Local Data Storage? Also, is their any kind of instructional video?

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The above link is dead.  I gives:

Sorry, that page wasn’t found

404 – Page Not Found

Were you looking for:

Or, would you like to sign up for an Evernote account?


I've followed the link to instructional videos elsewhere on the site, but I always get this, even though I have a premium account.  Where are the instructional videos, and what more do I have to do (beyond being premium) to view them?

Who goes there?

403 – Access Restricted

We are sorry, but you don’t have access to this page.

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SIDE NOTE: Please excuse the use of symbols and CAPs where I wanted to emphasize certain points. I'm on my phone so don't have access to the forum's text editor, and am improvising in place of formatting options.


In addition to the link provided by Adjusting, please see the below linked forum threads and give them a read through.

You might find some to be long threads, but there are a lot of good tips, suggestions and ideas, so it's well worth the time if you can find it! I also suggest you pay attention to and follow any links that are posted in these threads.

Trying to read through all the threads I've provided links for, *and* follow follow and read through even more threads and or Evernote Knowledge Base (Evernote KB) articles linked to in various posts within them, is likely to be too overwhelming. So here's what I suggest:

➡ Create a Notebook called something like "Learning Evernote" or "Evernote Tips & How To's," or some such name. Use this Notebook to start collecting and storing information about how to use Evernote.

You can Copy & Paste select text (and graphics if from an Evernote KB article) and/or just create notes with links to the original.

Personally, if I'm on my android phone, I generally just cope the URL into a new Note with a fitting title and brief summary about the link. Then when I have time, I'll pull out my laptop, open these notes and check to see what I'd like to keep for future reference in my own growing, personal Evernote manual. I also decide if I want text (if not a link to How To video...obviously...

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