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(Archived) No numbered or bullet list options


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In editing, there isn't any option to continue or create numbered or bullet lists. E.g. I have a numbered list that I created on my windows PC but when trying to add to it on my Android phone by tapping the the return key, it just goes to the next line without creating the next number. If I want to create a new list, there's no option to choose as well.

Does it depend on the version of Android (I have Jellybean) and/or phone?

I installed Evernote on a crappy tablet (Disgo 8104) that I got free and that is the same. On my wife's iPad 3, the options ARE there and the return key produces the expected result.

Am I doing something wrong such as not installing an office suite of some sort?

Thanks very much and hope you can help.

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The Android note editor in the version that I am running (it's the version 5.0.0 beta) does have the ability to create and edit both numbered and bullet list. Seems to work fine in a limited test. This is on a Kindle Fire, so a much older version of Android (2.3 I think), so I doubt whether OS version matters.

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Thanks for your help. It made me think there maybe something wrong with my own notes instead of the app so I've just created a new note and hey-presto the bullet and number options are available but only on that note.

This must mean Evernote on Android does not like something in my notes and takes away these options as a result. That something seems to be the tables I create. I use them so I can make about 4 numbered lists (4 column tables) across the note thus seeing the lists together on the screen instead having to keep scrolling up and down all the time to see a particular list.

As mentioned before, my wife's iPad seems to be happy with this set-up....damn it. That's one to Apple and nothing to Android!

Is there any other way of having numerous lists across the screen instead of beneath each other on the Android app whilst keeping the bullet and number options?

Thanks again for your help.

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It's been a while since my last reply in this thread but unfortunately my problem still stands.


Can someone please advise me on the best way to contact Evernote to get a solid confirmation on whether a feature that does not work is because there is something wrong or it's simply not available on the Android platform? I don't have a premium account because even though I use Evernote everyday, I just use one Notebook in a simple way. However, if I will get a more direct answer then I'll consider upgrading to premium for this purpose.


As it stands, I use one Notebook with about 5 notes. Most of these notes are filled out with a table made up of  5 columns & 2 rows. Within these tables I just type text with bullet/numbered points. It's my way of making individual lists that spread accross a note. The bullets/numbered points all work fine within the tables on the Windows & Apple platforms but not on Android. They do work in Android if they're not within a table because the option on the edit bar then becomes available.


Is this simply a limtiation on Android or is there something wrong. I have this issue on both of my Android devices.


I also have an issue with text size on Android but that's another thread!


Thanks very much for your attention and hope you can help me.

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Actually, it's most likely the tables that are the problem -- the Android editor is getting better, but still can't handle all of the things that the desktop editors can. For notes that you need to edit on the Android client, you should be aware of that.

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