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(Archived) Location of Evernote Servers

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With the recent revelation (although it's actually old news) that non-US citizens data has no judicial protection from US law enforcement agencies, I'm becoming a lot more paranoid about where things are stored in the cloud (here and many other news services are also reporting it). Given that Evernote has a subsidiary to cover international users, what is Evernote doing to protect those user's data? I'm thinking off-shoring data centres would be a good start.

I would think this should be a particular concern for foreign businesses, but given the non-encrypted nature of the data, any user should be concerned.

Context: I'm a premium subscriber reconsidering my usage.

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Hi - I hear what you say, but see the many discussions here about backups / encryption (that's the user-applied version) / offline notebooks / choosing what & what NOT to store in the cloud..

My favourite comment about secrets is that two people can keep a secret if one of them's dead.

Similar thing about storing your data anywhere except your own hard drive - any security stops at your USB port. And sometimes it's not even that good, if someone else uses your machine, or if it goes for repair...

The only way your data is totally safe is offline!

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Yep, understand that and making changes accordingly (starting with Dropbox). The issue for me isn't that they can do it, I already knew that and it was a calculated risk. The issue is that there are no checks or balances, which changes the risk, or at least my perception of it.

I also realise that, in reality, a lot of stuff I put in the web is very boring. But there is a principle here. I really do love Evernote, it's just a pity that it's not a little more secure so I can use it for more than recipes.

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yes clearly the more people sharing the secret, the less secure.


to some degree I am not so concerned about the US or UK security services viewing my emails


I don't do anything worthy of genuine security attention. despite the calls for more sweeping powers, they don't have the resources to deal with current data.  (they had noted one of the "alleged" killers of Lee Rigby, but not followed up)


I am very anxious about the sharing of data (potentially with 10s or more) of other securities.  

In the recent UK proposals 300 "authorities" wanted access to this data.


Google (mkt Cap $290bn) Facebook (mkt cap $90bn) are worth so much largely on the limited provision of data about citizens.  The Security services database is going to be orders of magnitude more comprehensive. And consequently more valuable to:

  • spammers & scammers
  • marketeers
  • thieves
  • Terrorists

If they are allowed to keep & make available such data - I'm sure that it will be less than a decade before we recognise that the security services have created an uncontrollable tool for use by the very people they are supposedly trying to protect us from.


I'll continue to pay for a premium like evernote service, if it's provided via a secure service into servers in my house

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