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  1. I think this is in Evernote's commercial interests. (I too have a Macbook with SSD) choices are: 60Mb free 1Gb Plus 10Gb premium with tools like PDFPenpro I can search anyway I'm not a big fan of context - If I can't manage what I store where - must I cut back? - If I cut back why not downgrade my plan... it'll save money, whilst I evaluate the alternatives
  2. Losing pictures would have been disaster used sharing option within Evernote (to send them to Google+) rather than taking out SDCard However signout & reboot, seemed to cure problem - indeed uploaded files before I'd signed back in - strange...
  3. yes clearly the more people sharing the secret, the less secure. to some degree I am not so concerned about the US or UK security services viewing my emails I don't do anything worthy of genuine security attention. despite the calls for more sweeping powers, they don't have the resources to deal with current data. (they had noted one of the "alleged" killers of Lee Rigby, but not followed up) I am very anxious about the sharing of data (potentially with 10s or more) of other securities. In the recent UK proposals 300 "authorities" wanted access to this data. Google (mkt Cap $290bn) Facebook (mkt cap $90bn) are worth so much largely on the limited provision of data about citizens. The Security services database is going to be orders of magnitude more comprehensive. And consequently more valuable to: spammers & scammersmarketeersthievesTerroristsIf they are allowed to keep & make available such data - I'm sure that it will be less than a decade before we recognise that the security services have created an uncontrollable tool for use by the very people they are supposedly trying to protect us from. I'll continue to pay for a premium like evernote service, if it's provided via a secure service into servers in my house
  4. I use PenSupremacy, which is nowhere as good as PenUltimate, and I am just experimenting with 7 Notes for Mazec. which seems to be slightly easier integration arguably Penultimate would be the only reason I'd cosnsider going back to the iPad again (at least until the 7" iPad)
  5. After years of Evernote, being tacitly approved at work, there has been a change of policy, and both the synchronisation and web access have been blocked. This is devastatingly bad news - as all my projects are organised via Evernote - it is also the highest volume use by me - so much of the justification for the premium service. (We are working to get this reversed, but our change control is such that breaking things is a much quicker process that reversing breakages...) In the short term, it is not a traditional portable version I want, but the ability to make the data portable, e.g. via USB stick (trying to synchronise via a portable app wont work). Reading the thread - this would seem to be a request for a robust database import / export, in addition to portability. (happy to hear alternative suggestions)
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