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(Archived) need help with note formatting



My husband and I retired in July, and now spend most our time in an RV. This summer we spent 3 months in the Canadian Maritimes, and now are are Workamping in Texas. When we are on the move, I have been keeping a travel journal in Evernote, sharing the notebook link with family and friends who wish to follow us.

Until now, I have been composing my entries on my iPad. (My computer was old G4 powerbook which was too old to be able to use Evernote.) Since the journal has photos, I wanted to keep the files small as we use our own wireless wifi, and only occasionally had public wifi access. Therefore, I sent them as a pdf. The only problem with this was that each file only shows as an image, and must be clicked by the visitor to read, so it isn't very user-friendly for them.

We now are back in the US with (sometimes!) reasonable wifi access. Two weeks ago I bought a new Mac Powerbook, so finally have a desktop version of Evernote. I tried composing an entry in Pages and dragging it into Evernote. I also tried converting it to Word with no better result. However, the photos do not drag with the text. So I am back to making a PDF and dragging it into Evernote, which results in the earlier problem of only showing a clickable image. I tried a JPG with the same result.

We are leaving on a 5 month trip to Alaska April 25, so I would like to have the process figured out before we leave. We will have only our wireless access for most of that time, so file size will again be an issue.

I love the idea of using Evernote for this, as I can limit access only to those I wish to have it. Since we still have a sticks-and-bricks home, I am concerned about posting our travel whereabouts in a more public space.

I would appreciate any advice.


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I was able to Drag-n-Drop photos from both the Finder and iPhoto to EN Mac 3.3.0.

Rather than drag your text/images from Pages to EN, try copy/paste. This should work as I have done it many times.

Of course, you could just compose your Note/blog directly in EN.

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