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  1. Is it possible to hide the updated date (which shows up first on the note snippet)? I keep a travel journal when we are on the road in our RV and give the link to family and friends. Often, after I go back and read it, I correct errors. Then it shows a new updated date. I sort by created date, but would like to eliminate the updated date altogether. Thanks!
  2. My husband and I retired in July, and now spend most our time in an RV. This summer we spent 3 months in the Canadian Maritimes, and now are are Workamping in Texas. When we are on the move, I have been keeping a travel journal in Evernote, sharing the notebook link with family and friends who wish to follow us. Until now, I have been composing my entries on my iPad. (My computer was old G4 powerbook which was too old to be able to use Evernote.) Since the journal has photos, I wanted to keep the files small as we use our own wireless wifi, and only occasionally had public wifi access. Therefore, I sent them as a pdf. The only problem with this was that each file only shows as an image, and must be clicked by the visitor to read, so it isn't very user-friendly for them. We now are back in the US with (sometimes!) reasonable wifi access. Two weeks ago I bought a new Mac Powerbook, so finally have a desktop version of Evernote. I tried composing an entry in Pages and dragging it into Evernote. I also tried converting it to Word with no better result. However, the photos do not drag with the text. So I am back to making a PDF and dragging it into Evernote, which results in the earlier problem of only showing a clickable image. I tried a JPG with the same result. We are leaving on a 5 month trip to Alaska April 25, so I would like to have the process figured out before we leave. We will have only our wireless access for most of that time, so file size will again be an issue. I love the idea of using Evernote for this, as I can limit access only to those I wish to have it. Since we still have a sticks-and-bricks home, I am concerned about posting our travel whereabouts in a more public space. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  3. Believe me, I have been stashing things in evernote! i just downloaded the files for "free and inexpensive RV sites in Canada" for the provinces we will be visiting (Canadian Maritimes). Diesel fuel. locator is next.
  4. Thanks for your quick response. Everyone is so helpful here. I have always received great advice when needed. I will check out the links you suggested. We will be crossing into Canada in a few hours, so our Internet access will be limited to public wifi. I will be checking the forum when I get the chance, but am not sure when and how often that will be. We paid for wireless access just to do our banking and other business, but the prices are astronomical for even a tiny amount of data. We will be in Canada for two months. Thanks!
  5. My husband and I just retired and will be doing a lot of traveling in our rv. I want to keep a travel journal for our family and friends to keep track of us. i will set up a shared notebook in evernote, then give those interested the URL. I will post a single daily photo and a few comments, then give a link to a smugmug gallery for more photosnifnsomeone is interested. I will password protect both. I am currently keeping a paper 10-year diary, and would like to be able to set this up in s similar fashion. Is this possible? For instance, I would like to look back to see what we were doing on the same date for the last five years. This will be my first attempt at something like this, so any suggestions would be appreciated. I love notability, but since it does not link to evernote., I will be trying penultimate instead. We are in the second day of this great adventure, so I need to get this started! Thanks!
  6. This is a new concept for me, but I am anxious to try it, especially for those manuals. If I understand correctly, I can generate these codes for free using the link above? I have a new iphone 4 and ipad 2. I Iooked online to find a code reader app, but the reviews on the ones I found are less than stellar. Can anyone recommend one that works well? Thanks!
  7. Emailing them to his account was my original idea. I guess I should have stuck with that instead of making a shared folder. The nice part about the shared folder is the auto-upload file on my desktop. I just changed my scanner to .jpg, so will try it out when I send this week's receipts. I will see how that works for him to view them, and if he prefers the email option, I will do that, although that would mean sending each note separately. I think we will get this right eventually - Thanks for the help!
  8. Now that we have been trying this for several weeks, I have a couple more questions. Initailly, my husband could not view the link, but after several tries we got that working. He has had an evernote account set up for about a year, but just starting to use it, so I have a feeling he was not doing something correctly. We have one shared notebook set up so far and are using it for me to put receipts for him to view and log into Quicken. (I love my new scan snap 1300!) Now he can view the notebook, but the PDF's show up as a symbol only, and must be individually clicked to view the notes. Apparently this is the way this is supposed to work. (As suggested here, I use a separate note for each receipt.) It is very cumbersome. Is there a way he can view them from his account rather than the web version? We only have the free version, but are willing to upgrade if needed. As of now, he has no need to edit the notebook, just to view the receipts. Would it be better if I just put the receipts all into one note (say one per month) and gave him access to a note rather than a notebook? I think I saw something about a slide view - is that something that would work here? I really appreciate the help given on this forum - I seem to always have more questions!
  9. I did the uninstall/reinstall as you suggested with the same result. I can access evernote just fine on the web and also on my netbook, where the clipper works just fine. My computer was just upgraded to windows 7 professional, and I did the firefox upgrade right afterward. I assume something has changed, but I'm not sure what. I have no restriction against installing the desktop version, and once had it installed. However, I removed it when I discovered if someone else signed on to my computer with their username/password, my evernote was right there avalable to them. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for all the help. We should be able to make this work successfully now.
  11. I have just upgraded to firefox 6.0.2. I have also upgraded my evernote extension to When I put in my evernote sign-on, I get "permission denied". I have uninstalled and reinstalled the extension twice with the same result. This is a work computer, so I am using evernote web here. Thanks!
  12. I appreciate all your information and tips. You are right about the scanner. I will remind my husband to be sure to do lower res for the receipts. Which makes the smallest file - PDF or JPG, and which does the best when searching later? I am always confused as to which one is best for evernote. I guess it does make sense to do 1 note = 1 receipt. That's the way I do mine now and it works well, although I have just a few, and sounds lke Email is the easiest option. Another idea might to make a folder that uploads automatically and put the scanned receipts into that. I tried one once to see how it worked, and it was pretty slick. Thanks again for the help!
  13. My husband is leaving tomorrow, so any tryouts will have to be while he is on the road. He keeps scanned copies of all our receipts, but putting them into evernote will be new for him. I keep some receipts in my evernote, by taking a photo with my blackberry and using email. So if I understand shared notebooks correctly, one of us will "own" the notebook, but can both open and change it from our respective computers. It sounds like the easiest option would be to copy the receipts with a scanner, then drag them into a note. Perhaps the best organization would be a note for each month. Email could be sent as long as we use the address of the one that has the notebook. We have a new scansnap 1300 on order, which should be here any day. Oddly enough, I will have the scansnap at home for now, and he will have the large flatbed scanner with him, as he is working on a photo-scanning project. Will I be able to set the scansnap up to scan to a choice of either account? By next summer, we hope to (both!) be living nearly full-time "on the road" in our RV. Thanks for the help!
  14. My husband will be taking an extended trip and we plan to use evernote for various things. Before we switch to premium to be able to use shared notebooks, I have a couple of questions about how they work. For one use, we will be scanning our receipts into a shared notebook, as he will be keeping our books on the road. One of us will have a flatbed scanner, the other a new scansnap 1300. We also both have blackberries so can email from those. For a shared notebook, will one of us "own" the account and the other access it, or is it a part of both accounts? If my husband sets up the shared notebook, do I have to use his evernote email to add the receipts, or can use my email to send them to my evernote and to the receipts notebook? Or will it work better if I put my receipts in a separate notebook in my account and just give him access. I have been using evernote for the last year or so. My husband is just getting started. We have a lot of travel in our future (together!), so plan to make extensive use of our accounts. Thanks for the help!
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