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(Archived) Creating notes dated in the past

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Hi members,

I have a quest about changing dates in stored notes. Is it possible, i.e: Create a note to day but have it dated say 12/05/2011? (date format is Australian).

The reason for this is, I want to store my medical history, in a note book so that every appointment, I can write up notes on my phone or recall a previous appointment or operation. So being new, I would like to create new note to store my older information in. But still have them in date order? Any clues? or I'm asking the impossible, I guess I could reset my system time, then try and create a new note for that day. I history spans several years and very many appointments and operations. So that method would be awkward to say the least.

Waiting in anticipation,

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Yes you can change the date created.

Not sure what system you are on, but on Windows you click on the down arrow to the right of the 'note' and it should show you the 'Created' date. Click on this and change as required.

Best regards


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-Actually, if you don't mind using a different date format in the headers, it would be faster to create a new note with the title yyyymmdd - <details> and then sort the notes by title. Even if you enter information about the same past issue in separate notes, that would group it together on your display, then you could merge notes if you wished. You could always change the created date later if necessary, after all the data has been entered.

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