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(Archived) Syncing on startup?


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Evernote for Windows can be set to automatically synchronise (15, 30mins etc), or to synchronise on exit. But there doesn't seem to be a way to synchronise on startup. This presents a problem when a note is created or updated on a different device (I use my iPad more often than the desktop) - when the Windows Evernote is started, I have to perform a manual sync otherwise I end up with duplicate notes, etc.

Any advice?

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I agree this should be fixed. If auto syncing is enabled, Evernote should sync on loading by default.

For now you just have to sync manually or set autosync to a low enough interval that it's not an issue.

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A forum search on "evernote windows sync startup" turned up at least a couple of other threads on this topic that already existed. And yes, there is quite a bit of traffic on the forum, but it's mostly a user forum, rather than an official Evernote support forum. And sometimes the other users don't have answers.

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