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Evernote CSV exports?

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The content of Evernote notes is much too rich for a simple CSV format ... a note could contain the text of War & Peace, audio files, Word documents, etc. We do support several other export capabilities in our desktop clients now, however, and plan to add others that preserve all (or most) of the contents of the notes.


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Any update on the timing of export to csv? This is basic functionality and it's a big problem not to have it. Export to txt is not adequate because it strips everything but the text in the note (i.e., no notebook title, no title of the note, no creation date, no modified date, etc.). None of these stripped out items is anything other than a basic data type (text, date).

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Re: markvwilson>>> HTML export does not include the titles of notes or the notebook title. This is still a problem.

I've ranted that one to death. Yes, there is a critical data (title) loss issue on export, but it's resolved by forcing firstline=title in every note. It's not difficult once one gets the hang of the behavior of various EN interfaces, though it will be simpler when uniform behavior across the interfaces evolves (in respect of FL=TI, optional manual override of TI, reversion to automatic TI=FL upon deletion of manual TI like EN31, and a fix for the irritating initial-focus implementation in current WinBeta (goes to TI instead of to FL, defeating the native FL=TI solution to data loss on export unless one commences by skipping down to FL before beginning).

Attrib/Tag loss on export remains, but one can work with it: i.e. in the sort of instances where you're thinking CSV output, you're looking at pretty simple content, and one can tag-sort or attrib-sort before exporting. Import to Excel (etc.), where you can convert text to numbers, run pivots, etc. I use pseudo-templates, separating pseudo-user-defined-fields with Excel-recognizable field delimiters selected from amongst the bulk of nonalphanumeric characters (which EN ignores, facilitating search). Still think EN could wipe out 90%+ of personal/small-co database use if they'd build in templates & UDFields, though.


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Depends upon platform & manner of entry. I use the following:


Focus on creation = FL. Enter FL, hit return, title will auto-echo FL upon autosave.

To manually override, typeover in TI field.

To recover auto-TI=FL property, delete title.


Focus on creation = TI (how irritating is that!?). Hit CR 3 times, focus=FL.

Enter FL, TI assumes =FL upon autosave.

Remainder as WinEN31.

MacEN: v 1.6.0 build 68639

A disaster. Focus on creation = TI, WinENBeta procedure fails to populate TI field. Even deleting the resulting "untitled note" title simply regenerates the "untitled note" title.

In my case, this renders EN wholly unusable on my secondary (Mac) network - use it "read only", just a giant/inconvenient iPhone without a dialpad.

Trying not to re-rant... but the problem is, the primary attraction to EN (& origin of great tolerance for infancy-ware oddities) was it's brilliant cross-platform utility.

On the bright side, have cancelled plans for new MacBookPro, useless with current EN implementation, critical data loss intrinsic to export. Reverting to orphanware (Journler) for Macs, extremely discouraged.

(Exporting remains essential to utility of EN because EN lacks database functions (templates, user-defined fields, table manipulation & arithmetic).

Sorry, I'm out of workarounds on the Mac platform. Unlike others here, one of the side-effects of my love affair with Evernote has been capitulation to Windows platform; I value functionality over pleasant feng-shui.

Creation via email:

Manually set Subject=Firstline, subject propagates to EN as TI.

Creation via text clipping or paste (Win platforms)

TI assumes FL automatically, manual/recovery as for WinEN31 & WinBeta

Cration via text clipping/paste (Mac)

A disaster, ibid.

Web Interface

Doesn't work, as Mac. I tolerate - use Web Interface only for "remote access from non-WAN machines" which is truly rare. Manually enter titles or clean up in WinEN after-the-fact.

One of the remarkably few things that strikes me as truly essential to EN is: universalize the TI=FL behavior (prefer WinEN31 behavior). Or export titles.


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Would love to see a .csv export feature. Right now, the biz card service is not usable. It's like having a text editor but no way to export what you write. Great if you live in an Evernote world, but I don't see that happening. Hope you can address this for all your new Cardmunch users. 



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Hey Evernote,


You need to add csv export functionality for scanned business cards. The whole point of automatically scanning business cards is to then bulk upload the info to a your google contacts and/or a CRM system like SalesForce.


It's a clever line about "evernote notes have too rich data to export to CSV", but the scanned business cards have the relevant info like Names, Phone, Mobile, and Email address, Company, etc, already categorized in a way that would work for a simple CSV export, and literally every single sales person or other business professional that goes to a conference and scans 100 business cards wants to import the data to other systems.


Let us have our own data.





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